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Corkscrewed in French....

Coming to a Librairie near vous....Éditions Michel Lafon has purchased the rights to distribute the French translation of Corkscrewed in France and Quebec--meaning a French version will appear in the fall of 2009.

Portrait in le Figaro


Here is the portrait of Robert that appeared in the Dec. 26, 2008 issue of Le Figaro newspaper. The article is written with style and verve by Le Fig's Anne-Charlotte De Langhe. 

Click here to see article in PDF

Asimov in Times: Corkscrewed "my favorite new book."


I was beginning to feel a bit like Mickey Rourke. That is--an American more appreciated in Europe than in his home country.

Corkscrewed named Book of the Year on French Wines


Corkscrewed has won the 2008 Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the Category of Best Book About French Wines published in the US.

I don't know how many books fit this category (the food and wine world has astonishingly specialized categories for things) but I am glad to have the honor.

Corkscrewed in Paris


Some things only happen in Paris. And a percentage of those things are likely to happen at Juveniles, the running liquid feast run by the redoubtable Scotsman Tim Johnston.

Corkscrewed close to home (a la Provencale)


Times like Wednesday night you really appreciate the near year-old French smoking ban in restaurants and bars. La Fontaine Aux Vins, the funky/jazzy wine bar in Valbonne Village, was packed for the launch of Corkscrewed on the Cote D'Azur.

New Yorkers cut in line for Bojo Nuevo

“Is this the cheese line or the wine line?”

That seemed to be the question most asked Thursday night by an over-capacity crowd of 300 at New York’s Alliance Francaise celebration of the arrival of Noo-voh.

(One observation about New Yorkers: They like to know where the line is so they can cut!)

Why Bojo Nuevo?

Bojo Bathing.jpg

I'm headed to New York to join the Alliance Francaise in celebrating the 2008 Beaujolais Nouveau. (Sort of surreal crossing the Atlantic from France to uncork the Noo-Voh! in my native Manhattan.)

As champion of small, independent, natural environment-friendly producers, why am I celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau-- oft associated with huge- scale production, flavored yeasts and techno galore?

Two reasons:

Dribblings on the age of Obama and the future of wine

Okay so maybe this isn’t the most pressing question of the day. Will Obama be good for wine?

A Wine Epiphany: We need to change our thinking

I had a sort of epiphany about a week ago and it came from meeting Saint Francis.

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