Benanti's "Brutal" Comeback


Twin brothers Salvino and Antonio Benanti, 42, have spent their lives side by side: growing up in Sicily, studying at business school, working banking jobs in London and then returning to Sicily to take over the family winery.

In 2012, their father, Giuseppe, handed them Benanti, one of the most important precursors for quality wineries in the now-fashionable region of Mount Etna, on the slopes of the island’s volcano. At the time, Benanti had lost some of its identity, producing too many wines of varying quality.

The brothers knew what they wanted to do and wasted no time.

“The day after our father transferred ownership to us, we started implementing our brutal refocusing program,” Salvino says.

Brutal? Over the protests of their father, the brothers sold off vineyards in southeastern Sicily along with mediocre performers on Etna, dramatically slashed the number of bottlings from more than 20 to eight, and eliminated use of international varieties.

“Our idea is to invest in our core wines,” says Salvino. Those that Benanti does best are its elegant, single-vineyard Etna the full blog at