The CHOW Videos Part II


Robert on  "Organic" wine....See the short CHOW VIDEO.

The CHOW Videos Part I


Let's talk about the obsession and misconceptions about the SULFITES monster:

Huff Post: Q &A

Check out the interview  by Huff Post's Louise McCready. Wine as food, green agriculture, France, Sicily, the Mafia and the Big Mess: 

Expat Robert Camuto On His Oenophilic Excursions In France

France won't burn itself at the stake for now

joan at stake.jpeg

A year ago, at the esteemed Chateau Simone wine estate in the tiny Palette appellation just outside Aix-en-Provence I had a conversation with the property's owner, the dapper old world René Rougier.

I mentioned to M. Rougier the proposal by the Socialist presidential candidate to eliminate champagne from the presidential Elysée Palace.

"But of course!" M. Rougier said dryly. "Wine is one of the glories of France and we the French are experts in self-destruction!"

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