Return to Pradeaux

 Yesterday I returned to Chateau Pradeaux in Saint -Cyr-sur-Mer (Bandol) for a generous vertical private tasting led by Cyrille Portalis, Pradeaux's  stubbornly individualistic owner/ vigneron (featured in Corkscrewed). The tasting proved that Pradeaux's mourvedre doesn't just evolve over time, it goes through fascinating personality changes as it deepens and shows off its age. A crusty bottle of '61Pradeaux (seemed about 80 in human years), was a bit wobbly,  but was still lucid and engaging. See video and more images.

Obama's US-- quitting role as beef steroid pusher?

The Obama administration made another bold commitment to American values abroad this week by renouncing the more than decade-old US policy of insisting that our trade partners eat hormones with their Happy Meals -- and like it or face stiff consequences.

French Wine Country Travel Tips

Vinerows near Wolxheim, Alsace

Corkscrewed author Robert Camuto has lived in France eight years, and has spent a lot of time on the road in the country's wine regions as a wine and epicurean travel writer.  In this Q &A he shares some personal suggestions for a rewarding wine trip in France.  

Q: Do you have a favorite wine region of France?

The CHOW Videos Part II


Robert on  "Organic" wine....See the short CHOW VIDEO.

The CHOW Videos Part I


Let's talk about the obsession and misconceptions about the SULFITES monster:

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