The wine explodes! (Home winemaking video '09 #4)

The morning after...we have liftoff (and a mess to clean up)!

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Filling the cuve (home winemaking '09  Video # 3

Filling the Cuve (Home winemaking '09 video #3)

After a trip out to the Var to pick mourvedre our 100-liter alimentary plastic fermenting cuve is filled. We have ignition.......

 See more 2 Gars home winemaking videos from the 2009 vintage......

Picking the Syrah '09 (Home winemaking '09 Video #2)

I'm a writer not a winemaker. But when I'm not writing, I'm growing and making things at home in Provence: like olives -- olive oil and grapes -- wine. This year I'm going to share moments of the home winemaking season as in this video of picking the Syrah. Note here that my grapes are grown using only sulfur and copper treatments. The wine (aka 2 Gars Vin de Table) is made with no added yeast and sulfur is added only at bottling.


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Apocalypse in a sauce pot

On a train trip to Paris last week, I finished reading Mike Steinberger’s new book Au Revoir to all That: Food, Wine and the end of France, and it left me entertained but unsatisfied--and wondering where I’d seen the film before. Was it Disney’s Ratatouille?

ON THE AIR (in France)

Listen to Robert speak about the fall Foires Aux Vins on Radio France Info with Fabienne Chauviere (in French). Here

Ecoutez Robert sur France Info (avec Fabienne Chauviere) en parlant des Foires Aux Vins. ICI

Why I 'Vendange' .... Pourquoi je vendange

Vendange team Borrelly Martin 1 Sept. 09

As summer gives way to the first autumnlike mornings, when most of the world is thinking about back to school( la rentree) or the end of vacation, I gravitate to the vines and the hum of harvest --les vendanges.

Chaque automne, à cette époque, lorsque la plupart du monde est de penser à retourner à l'école (la rentrée) ou la fin des vacances, je gravitent autour de la vigne et du bourdonnement de la récolte - les vendanges.

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