RIP Marco De Bartoli


Marco De Bartoli, the heart and an engine of Sicilian wine's return to quality in recent decades, has passed away at a young 66 years old. As volcanic in temperament as he was passionate about Sicily and its wines, Bartoli broke with the Marsala establishment including his own family in the 1980s to make small production fine Marsala's with nearly extinct traditional methods and became an inspiration for young Sicilian winemakers. 

Life may be fleeting but great Marsalas such as those produced by De Bartoli, are eternal. 

Palmento tour update --Boston


I am heading to New York by train in time for the Saint Patrick's day parade. This evening while a few million New Yorkers are swilling green beer, Iill be leading a class at EATALY on Sicilian wines. Good ol' Santo Patrizio.

Palmento on public radio in Sonoma

Robert's taped appearance on Mouthful Radio with Michelle Anna Jordan (March 6, 2011) on KRCB radio (Sonoma County, CA)

The Palmento Spring Tour!

Photo by Gail Skoff

I'll be on the road in the US for two weeks starting March 15: talking, drinking and eating with friends and those who love or are interested in learning about Sicily and its wines and more. 

Boston-New York-New Orleans-Sf Bay Area- and Dallas-Fort Worth. 

See the full schedule here. And hope to see you there.

Romanee-Conti for breakfast--the pluses and minus



The worst part about starting the morning drinking the wines of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is that the rest of day is likely to go downhill from there.

Yeah, get out the violins. Last week I had the privilege of organizing a trip to Burgundy’s legendary estate in the company of Sicilian (Etna) winemakers Ciro Biondi (to right of me in the yellow pants in photo) and Alberto Aiello Graci. Background: Last year I l brought Kermit Lynch and DRC’s Aubert de Villaine around Etna. Aubert was impressed with the hospitality and the wine we tasted around the volcano and reciprocated with an offer of a visit to DRC which we took as a sort of pilgrimage.

Wine Spectator's list of "Best New Reads for Wine Lovers"


 In the Dec. 31, 2010 issue, The Wine Spectator reviews its editors' picks for "Best New Reads for Wine Lovers" including Palmento (see below) and nine others. 

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